About us

About Oxford cohousing (OCH)

Oxford CoHousing is a group of people who wish to build and live in intentional communities, preferably within the ring-road. However we are also pursuing projects in Oxfordshire ouside of Oxford. We hope to build communities of mixed dwellings, of between 20-40 units, for any age or stage of life, with shared facilities to encourage neighbourliness and mutual support (What is CoHousing). We aim to find financing and owenership models that enable anyone to afford a secure home.
The group was founded about 15 years ago and consists of a core group – which is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation, and members and associate members.

We are a member of the UK Cohousing Network.


We have been meeting regularly since August 2010. We have formed a Company Limited by Guarantee to take the project forward.

Podcast with Fran


Aims and objectives

Our intentions are:

  1. To create a cohousing project in the Oxford area, as far as possible in keeping with our Vision.
  2. To provide a means of connecting and informing all those in Oxford interested in living in, or assisting the provision of, cohousing in the Oxford area.
  3. To lobby, campaign, educate and inform all parties who might assist in the provision of cohousing in the Oxford area.

Read our introduction to Oxford City Council

Oxford cohousing speech to City Council 24th June 2013