Note June 2023: After having the process described below in place for a long time, we realised that the steps to become a full member need to be reviewed. However, the first three steps are still appropriate. So, if you want to become a member please contact us.

How to join Oxford Cohousing

Step 1:  Find out about cohousing

Check out the following documents if you are interested in becoming a member of Oxford Cohousing:

1. Oxford Cohousing: what we want to do

2. Cohousing in Brief: a brief intro to how co-housing works

3. Books, Courses and Websites about Cohousing

Step 2: Come and meet us

Contact us and come along to events, socials and working group sessions to meet us and find out about Oxford Cohousing and how we work.

Step 3: Become an Associate Member.

For Associate Membership you simply fill out a personal information form, which you can via the contact form, and pay your monthly (or annual) fee.

Step 4: Decide whether to work towards Full Membership

Full Membership is for potential future residents of the cohousing community who are capable, and willing to commit time to the project. We have a Full Membership Agreement that you will use to decide whether this could be for you.

Step 5: Becoming a Full Member: Invest time

  • Invest time: Come to meetings and get started on some work, whatever you are ready willing and able to do.
  • Ask to be proposed: When you decide you want to become a Full Member, ask a Core Group member to propose you at a Core Group meeting. Be prepared for the Core Group to ask you to spend more time getting to know OCH members before they make a decision.
  •  Increase your membership subscription: When you have been accepted by the Core Group as a Full Member, increase your payments accordingly.

Step 6: Enjoy your Membership

Enjoy membership, but note that there is a six month mutual trial period.

For more details about the Oxford Cohousing membership contact us to arrange a meeting