Vision and Values

We want …

  • at least 20 and up to 40 private homes of varying sizes, costs and tenure
  • communal facilities which might include meeting, eating and work space
  • homes to meet the needs of an intergenerational group and designed to Lifetime Homes standard and high spec eco dwelling
  • facilities for gardens/allotments, small businesses and working from home
  • inclusive, mutual support, friendship and cooperation
  • respect for the environment
  • open and transparent communication and decision making
  • sharing our time, space and facilities cooperation

With support of Transition by Design we created for us this vision of cohousing.

Communal, neighbourly, individual

We want shared as well as private areas

Common kitchen & dinning, Pond, Group activity space

Single houses

Flats, Shared Guest rooms, Front and rooftop gardens

Inclusive, ecological, sustainable


Car sharing

Informal childcare

Energy centre

Mews street

Shared washing machines

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